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55 years old man was dusk and children love their parents to

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55 years old man was dusk and children love their parents to oppose siblings requirements of property 55-year-old old man was dusk love children against brother and sister sued the father asked of public property in Fuzhou Wu never dreamed
55 years old man was dusk and children love their parents to oppose siblings requirements of property
55-year-old old man was dusk love children against brother and sister sued the father asked of public property in Fuzhou Wu never dreamed that one day he would be with a pair of children in court. 55-year-old Wu Ganggang out of the death of his wife's pain, ready to start a new marriage and family life. Unexpectedly, he was happy he was looking forward to the children of a petition to tear up. Son and daughter took him to court to require division of common property that he and his late wife. In response, lawyers said, Wu's children have the right to advocate the division of property, but also to pursue their own old age Wu marriage freedom. He believes that after all flesh and blood, and his children deserve more for the sake of their parents, Wu should communicate more with their children, made children's understanding and support. Widowed old man out of the shadow of Pentecost hand Twilight Love Wu hometown of Lianjiang, over 20 years old and his wife run a seafood wholesale store in Fuzhou, although the couple is very hard from dawn to dusk, but it also earned a lot of money. Fifty years old, he thought life could be so smooth too, but I did not expect a car accident ruined his eyes happiness. July 2010, his wife on the way to a restaurant delivery is a lorry Zhuangfei, died on the spot. Sudden changes, Wu nearly lost the courage to go on living. Wife had just passed away a year, he simply careless operation of wholesale seafood shop, do not want to stay at home all day to go out. Fortunately, very filial son and daughter. Son and daughter painstaking care seafood wholesale store business, but also to take care of his life was considerate. Daughter-in-law often come back to visit with his niece, on their own greetings. In this regard Mr. Wu was very pleased. With the children's care, Wu gradually out of the shadow of death of his wife. Started out of the house, sometimes to the wholesale seafood shop around, sometimes to the community centers and other older people pass the time playing mahjong. In the community center, Wu met with a similar age and own a widowed Liu. They talk very speculative, exchanges Liu Wu was very caring for the family has good food often called him to eat, but also often help him with his clothes cooking, chores, and this brings back Wu warm feeling when his wife was alive. Against the father remarried siblings appeal for Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the division of property, the sons and daughters come home in the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wu would like to take this opportunity to tell their children that he and Sharon thing, then just did not expect to export, the son of the most intense reaction He firmly opposed to Wu and Liu dealings. Liu Wu and her daughter do not agree between. A reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival so broke. Liu exchanges and strongly opposed by the things children, Wu only quietly keeping everything, but Sharon did before or with the single-minded to take care of him, which makes my heart feel more sorry Wu Liu, he decided to keep Liu Ms. married. However, Wu did not want to get something so simple. First son daughter back with him now live in this house points, followed by her daughter joined housing distribution of "camp." Shortly after, his son and his daughter, also a joint report on the court for the division of property. Yesterday Crown account Heineken International Correspondent telephone contact with the daughter of Wu Xiao Wu. Phone, Xiao Wu has been a sigh, said she and her brother is no alternative until the father to court. Because his father insisted to keep that woman get married, not married woman and a son, her father married once and his father would go half of the property. And his father's property, there is half the mother and father before his death hard earned operating under the seafood wholesale store. Children are not blessed old man straight into the evening "Twilight resentment" In this regard, Wu was very sad. He said that although very filial sons and daughters, but the children have children of their lives, their own getting older, fear is loneliness and solitude. I hope to have an old, accompanied with talk, Liu Hao very good character, and that they are to talk to. Wu said he did not understand before are very filial sons and daughters how suddenly become so tough talk, as a father he has never ill-treated their brother and sister. At first, he and his wife were all hard business seafood shop for two children, daughter entrance did not test well, and he also went around to find the relationship between the Trustee, and finally spent nearly 100,000 yuan of money, let her daughter on Normal. Graduation assignments, he was four ask for help, but also spent several million of money, and finally to a middle school daughter was a teacher. "My son grew up without love to study, to learn to do grown up just like your own seafood wholesale business, this is my son, a wife's father single-handedly." Wu said sadly. "I suffer a lifetime of struggle is for the children, the sons and daughters of the day are now doing well, how they do not want my father's life when it is also a little better life back baccarat online gambling website has been jointly build casino gaming ? "The thought of Wu perplexed. Southeast Express Heineken International Correspondent Jane Ho html模版55岁老汉黄昏恋遭儿女反对 兄妹告父要求分财产
55岁老汉黄昏恋遭儿女反对,兄妹俩状告父亲要求分财产  福州市民老吴做梦也没有想到,有一天他会跟一对儿女对簿公堂。  55岁的老吴刚刚走出丧妻之痛,准备开始一段新的婚姻家庭生活。不料,他憧憬的幸福却被儿女的一张诉状给撕裂了。儿子和女儿把他告上法庭,要求分割他和亡妻的共同财产。  对此,律师表示,老吴的子女有主张分割财产的权利,但老吴也有追求自己晚年婚姻生活的自由。他认为,毕竟血浓于水,为人子女理应多替父母着想,老吴也应该多跟子女沟通,取得子女的理解和支持。  走出丧偶阴影五旬老汉牵手黄昏恋  老吴老家是连江,20多岁时和妻子就在福州经营一家海鲜批发店,虽说夫妻俩起早贪黑甚是辛苦,不过却也挣得不少钱。年过半百的他本以为生活可以顺风顺水地过,没想到一场车祸却毁掉他眼前的幸福。  2010年7月,妻子在一次给酒楼送货的途中,被一辆货车撞飞,当场丧命。突如其来的变故,老吴几乎失去生活下去的勇气。妻子刚刚过世的一年里,他根本就无心经营海鲜批发店,整天躲在家里不愿出门。  好在儿子和女儿都很孝顺。儿子和媳妇任劳任怨打理海鲜批发店生意,对他的生活还照顾得体贴入微。  女儿女婿也经常带着外甥女回来看望,对自己嘘寒问暖的。对此吴先生感到很是欣慰。有了儿女的关爱,老吴渐渐走出丧妻的阴影。开始走出家门,有时到海鲜批发店转转,有时也会到社区里活动中心和其他老年人打麻将打发时光。  在社区活动中心里,老吴认识了一位年龄与自己相仿同是丧偶的刘女士。两人聊得很投机,交往中刘女士对老吴很是照顾,家里有做好吃的也常叫他去吃,还经常帮他洗衣服做饭,整理家务,这又让老吴找回妻子在世时温暖的感觉。  反对父亲再婚兄妹上诉要求分割财产  今年中秋节,儿女们都回家里过中秋节,老吴想趁此机会告诉儿女们,他和刘女士的事,没想到话刚出口,儿子的反应最激烈,他坚决反对老吴和刘女士来往。女儿也不赞同老吴和刘女士来往。一个团圆的中秋节就这样不欢而散。  和刘女士交往的事遭到儿女的强烈反对,老吴只有默默藏在心里,而刘女士还是跟以前那样一心一意照顾他,这让老吴心里更觉得对不住刘女士,他决定要跟刘女士结婚。  然而事情没有老吴想得那么简单。先是儿子儿媳妇回来,要跟他分现在住的这套房子,随后女儿也加入分房的“阵营”。不久后,儿子和女儿还联名将他告上法院,要求分割财产。  昨天皇冠开户喜力国际 记者电话联系了老吴的女儿小吴。电话里,小吴一直叹息说,她和哥哥也是万般无奈才将父亲告上法院。因为父亲执意要跟那个女的结婚,女方还有一个儿子没有结婚,她一旦和父亲结婚就要分走父亲一半的财产。而父亲的财产里,有一半是母亲生前和父亲辛苦经营海鲜批发店挣下的。  得不到子女祝福老汉黄昏恋成“黄昏怨”  对此,老吴感到非常伤心。他说,儿女们虽然都很孝顺,可是儿女有儿女们的生活,自己年纪越来越大,最怕的就是孤独和寂寞。希望老了能有一个伴陪着说说话,刘女士很善良性格也好,和自己很聊得来。  老吴说,他不明白以前都非常孝顺的儿女怎么突然变得这么不讲情面,他作为父亲也从未亏待过他们兄妹俩。想当初,他和妻子辛苦经营海鲜店也全都是为了两个孩子,女儿高考没考好,他还到处托人找关系,最后花了近10  万元的钱,让女儿上了师范。毕业分配,他又四处求人,也花了好几万元钱,最后女儿才到一所中学当老师。  “儿子从小不爱念书,成年了就跟自己学做海鲜批发生意,儿子娶妻生子也是我这个父亲一手操办的。”老吴伤心地说。  “我一辈子奋斗吃苦都是为孩子,现在儿女们的日子都过得不错,他们怎么就不希望我这个当父亲的生活也过得好一点呢网上赌博回百家乐已博彩网共同打造娱乐城?”想到这些,老吴一脸惆怅。东南快报 喜力国际 记者何珍(责任编辑:admin)
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