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2014 New look three-dimensional holographic communication ne

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2014 New look: three-dimensional holographic communication network share Lidengkequ three-dimensional holographic communications, online shopping Lidengkequ three months to fly to Mars, "fecal transplant" cure ...... 2014, we look forward t
2014 New look: three-dimensional holographic communication network share Lidengkequ
three-dimensional holographic communications, online shopping Lidengkequ three months to fly to Mars, "fecal transplant" cure ...... 2014, we look forward to the new stuff, according to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on December 29, from the first a space program for the general public, to the "Star Wars" version of the three-dimensional holographic communications technology, an upcoming 2014 worth the wait, because this year there will be a number of amazing technological innovations into people's lives. Three-dimensional holographic communications in 2014, benefiting from the use of three-dimensional holographic communication technology, while holding a video conference, interpersonal communication will become more vivid and smooth. Currently, the UK-based Musion company is developing a new system that can transmit images of participants in the movement between two or even more than one meeting place, thus creating "face to face" conversation effect. Canada, a technology company also developed a 3D holographic projection device, this device to sci-fi movie "Star Wars" Princess Leia (Leia) is named after a real person to achieve full-scale multi-angle 3D display video images, and even be able to see the remote dialog the speaker's back. Net purchases of goods "Li and other" desirable in this requirement "in a timely manner to meet the" era of net purchases of goods take several days to arrive, so that consumers heart complaints. However, this situation is about to change. Since 2014, the global electricity supplier giant Amazon (Amazon) and eBay (eBay) will make great efforts to improve the delivery speed, trying to achieve "When the world is single, the day of arrival." Among them, the Amazon is testing UAV delivery, allegedly in less than half an hour will deliver goods to the customer. Open the "Space Travel" Not surprisingly, then, the British Virgin Galactic company started in 2014 to provide public space sightseeing tour of the project. In space travel, after close examination of the spacecraft will take passengers out of the atmosphere, 100 kilometers from surface to run on the track, visitors can overlook during earth. Currently, Virgin Galactic has been scheduled to start work the first trip into space, and the millions of dollars in revenue from the first batch of applicants. Virgin Galactic said first space trip is scheduled for "sometime in 2014" set sail from New Mexico, will be full live television. 3 months to Mars is not a dream under the existing conditions, the astronauts left for 54 million miles away on Mars, will spend 39 weeks time. And, in the meantime, the astronauts have to deal with cosmic radiation, sun spots invasion, as well as muscle and bone loss. However, the "variable specific impulse magneto-plasma rocket engine" appearance will change all that. By American Ed - Astra-tech research and development of rocket engines use this power plasma propulsion, much faster than conventional nuclear power and chemical rockets. According to the plan, Ed - Astra VASIMR rocket engine will be test-fired in late 2014 to early 2015. If the experiment is successful, humans to Mars will be able to shorten the time from the current 39 weeks to three months or less. "Fecal transplant" cure illnesses called "fecal transplant" refers to the function of a healthy flora in feces, the transplantation of the patient gastrointestinal tract, reconstruction with the normal function of the intestinal flora, to achieve the treatment of intestinal and extraintestinal disorders . Despite early as around 1957, this alternative therapy was used in the treatment of certain disorders of scientists, but until the last decade, "fecal transplant" are treated as a simple, safe, low cost, low risk, easy to operate permanent treatment. New research shows that "fecal transplant" may not be able to cure irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, constipation and colon ulcers, and even neurological disorders such as Parkinson's treatment of autoimmune diseases and offer new hope. According to China Daily html模版2014年新期待:全息立体通信 网购立等可取
全息立体通信、网购立等可取  3个月飞到火星、“粪便移植”治病……  2014,我们期待的新玩意  据英国《每日电讯报》12月29日报道,从首个面向大众的太空项目,到“星球大战”版的全息立体通讯技术,即将到来的2014年值得期待,因为这一年将有一批令人叹为观止的科技创新技术走进人们的生活。  全息立体通讯  2014年,受益于全息立体通讯技术的运用,举行视频会议时,人与人的交流将变得更加生动和顺畅。  目前,总部位于英国的Musion公司正在开发一个新系统,该系统可以在两个甚至多个会议地点之间传输与会者的运动影像,从而制造“面对面”交谈的效果。  加拿大一家科技公司也研发了一个3D全息投影装置,这个装置以科幻电影《星球大战》中莱娅公主(Leia)的名字命名,实现真人全比例多角度显示3D视频图像,远程对话方甚至能看见说话者的后背。  网购商品“立等”可取  在这个要求“及时满足”的时代,网购商品耗时数日才能抵达,令消费者心生抱怨。不过,上述状况即将改变。  自2014年起,全球电商巨头亚马逊(Amazon)和易趣(eBay)将下大力气提升送货速度,力图实现“当天下单、当天到货”。其中,亚马逊公司正在测试无人机送货,据称可以在不到半小时内就将货物送到客户手中。  开启“太空之旅”  不出意外的话,英国维京银河公司将于2014年开始向民众提供太空畅游的观光项目。在太空之旅中,经过精密检测的太空船将带旅客冲出大气层,在距地表100千米的轨道上运行,期间旅客能俯瞰地球。  目前,维京银河公司已启动第一批太空之旅的预定工作,并从首批报名者中收益了数千万美元。维京银河公司称,首次太空之旅定于“2014年某个时候”从美国新墨西哥州启航,届时将由电视台全程直播。  3个月到火星不是梦  在现有条件下,宇航员动身前往5400万英里外的火星,将耗费39周的时间。并且,在此期间,宇航员还要应对宇宙辐射、太阳斑侵袭,以及肌肉和骨骼的损耗。  不过,“可变比冲磁等离子体火箭发动机”的出现将改变这一切。由美国艾德-阿斯特拉公司研发的这款高科技火箭发动机使用电力等离子体发动机推进,速度远远快于传统的核动力和化学动力火箭。  按照计划,艾德-阿斯特拉公司将在2014年底至2015年初试射VASIMR火箭发动机。如果实验成功,人类前往火星的时间就能由现在的39周缩短至3个月以内。  “粪便移植”治愈顽疾  所谓“粪便移植”,是指将健康人粪便中的功能菌群,移植到患者胃肠道内,重建具有正常功能的肠道菌群,实现肠道及肠道外疾病的治疗。  尽管早在1957年左右,这个另类的疗法就被科学家运用于治疗某些病症,但直到最近十年,“粪便移植”才被视为一种简单、安全、低成本、低风险、易操作的永久性治疗手段。最新研究显示,“粪便移植”可能不仅能治愈肠易激综合征、结肠炎、便秘和结肠溃疡,甚至还为治疗帕金森症等神经性和自体免疫性疾病提供新希望。 据中国日报(责任编辑:admin)
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